The Road to Louisiana

When I was in high school my friend and I had one of those “jokes”. Y’know. The kind that’s not really a joke because you REALLY want to do it, but you’re in high school so you can’t really do much of anything so you just joke about what you want to do because why not?

Our “joke” was to run away to New Orleans. I know, HILARIOUS. New Orleans was far enough to seem pretty magical, but close enough to seem like it might just be possible. Barely. Anyway. Being in high school, we never went, but I never stopped wanting to go.

Because I kind of obsess over things like that…speaking of weird obsessions…

Last year I was sitting at work with a friend of mine who was training for a half marathon. We had an exchange that went something like this:

Me: So, what are you doing after work?

Him: Running 10 miles

Me: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA (pause) …that’s insane.

I DIDN’T GET IT. 10 miles?! That was fucked up. That was running for almost TWO HOURS. I understand wanting to exercise (…or whatever), but running that long seemed completely impossible to me. So when he ran his half with his girlfriend a few weeks later I was amazed. I also thought “WELL, that’s something I’ll never do”.


That spring my buddy Scarlett and I started running together. We didn’t have any particularly huge ambitions. I think the idea was “hey, we’re poor, but we want to exercise and running is cheap!”. Pretty standard, right? A lot of runners must start out that way.

Scarlett had run in a 5k before. I hadn’t, but I was all for it. I have a habit of picking up random exercise routines and dropping them within a few weeks (Oh the countless gym memberships I’ve neglected…). We started out with the goal of training for THE WARRIOR DASH. A ridiculous obstacle 5k where we would have to leap through flames and crawl under barbed wire. Something that was WAY up my alley.

During training I thought “…wait, I think I like this…”

And after the Warrior Dash I thought “Yup, definitely want more..”

And the rest was a steady journey of one upping ourselves. a 10k? SCREW THAT. Let’s run a half marathon! Yeah, that thing I said I’d never do in a million years. Whoops a daisy.

Of course while we were training for the half conversation turned towards our opinions on running a full marathon: “GEEZ. Who would want to do this twice?” and the classic “I don’t want to pay money to poop my pants in front of hundreds of people during mile 25…”.

During our half marathon Scarlett said “Okay, I would ONLY run a marathon if it were in Hawaii” and a passing runner said “There’s a marathon on Honolulu” and I said…”LET’S DO IT!!!”. Then we finished our first ever half marathon. Baller.

As it turns out flying to Honolulu is pretty expensive (gee.) so we decided against spending all of our money on a trip to Hawaii.

Still. Once I get the idea of doing something crazy it’s REALLY hard for me to let it go.

So then a series of running type things happened. Signed up for another half. Cohearsed our friend Katie into joining us. Had a blast. Realized…yeah. This was the year to run a marathon. BUT WHERE?!

After a little bit of research I found the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon and everything fell into place.

In November I will be roadtripping from Boston to Baton Rouge and then running my first marathon. And THEN I’ll go to a city I’ve always wanted to visit. This blog will be my little place to babble about my training, travel plans, adventures, etc. etc. Who knows!

I start “officially” training for the marathon next week. Tomorrow I’m taking a mini-roadtrip to New York to run a half marathon with Katie.


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3 Responses to The Road to Louisiana

  1. danbernardi says:

    I haven’t ran since high school. The thought of a marathon frightens and confuses me.

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