I’m stupid and experiments in fueling

I almost completely ruined my own night yesterday.

All day I was looking forward to my 10 mile run (yeah, I’m a nerd). Not just for the run itself but because my super awesome magical friend Silas wanted to use me for his homework! He’s currently in massage school and one of the classes he is taking right now is in sports massage. JACKPOT. His assignment was to do a pre and post event massage/stretch. yayayayay.

Well here’s the thing.

I’m an idiot.

I forgot my keys at home today which usually wouldn’t be a huge deal because when you live with four other people odds are SOMEBODY will be home. Here’s the catch: Sometimes all of them go to a movie. And then you are boned. Great job, me! You are really, really smart and should win all the medals for your big, big brains. I do find out one of my roommates can get me keys (the one who didn’t go to the movie). She’s just at her friends house. So I think “ah! I will go to that place!”, but before I can get an address MY PHONE DIES. THANKS PHONE.

Then I am sad. And I have a mini crisis. I realize I have nowhere to go. I get unnecessarily emotional over the fact that a lot of my really close friends have moved/are moving. It’s not that I was upset I couldn’t get into my own apartment (sure, it was a bummer, it was putting a damper on my plans), but that so many of my friends who used to live close to me weren’t there for me to go to.

BUT NO. This was no time for self pity! I briefly pondered just finding a way to charge my phone (neighbors? coffee shop? target?), but then I realized the solution to all my problems was to just break into my apartment.

I have done this once before (at a different apartment) three years ago. Then somebody called the cops saying they saw a person breaking into the apartment. The cops came and forced me to identify myself. It was pretty great.

So first off I tried the good old popping out the screen window and hoping a window was unlocked trick. Unfortunately (fortunately) the screens were screwed in so the only way I could really get it out was to unscrew them all with my fingers. And that seemed…less than appealing. So I gave up on that. Then I tried the little porch that is off of my room. I jumped from the stair rail to the side of the porch (think Dark Knight Rises…no rope). But that door, of course, was locked.

We also have a porch right off of our living room. I clambered up on a garbage can and vaulted onto this porch. I pushed the door and…VOILA IT OPENED. That door is always locked. I have no idea what series of events led it to being unlocked on this particular day, but boy was I happy about it.

So in the end it didn’t end up setting me back. Silas showed up and told me how to have better pre and post workout habits (warmup, stretch, cooldown, stretch). yeah, I’m not so good at those things, but I’m going to TRY and be better. Then he massaged/stretched me and I was on my way!

This training cycle I want to learn how to fuel during a run. I never bothered with it while training for my half marathons. I would just drink water and call it a day. Evidently you can’t really do that in marathons, har har. So even though I don’t really need to eat during my current long runs I’m still going to as practice, and to find out what works for me. Sunday was my first time trying this out. Be prepared. This part is probably going to be boring as hell, but here we go!

Before the run I ate a Peanut Butter Clif Bar. Eating before running terrifies me. One time I ate a bowl of pasta right before a run (not on purpose, I just realized I had a small window of time if I wanted to eat and run before rehearsal so…I did both). Needless to say, it was a pretty pathetic run. ANYWAY. Clif Bar was great. It didn’t upset my stomach and I felt great during my run! In fact, I think this might have been the easiest 10 miles I’ve ever done. It went by so quickly! I also tried out GU Chomps (peach tea flavor) at Miles 6 and 8 of the run. Holy shit. This stuff was like crack. delicious, delicious crack. I think I actually said “WHEEE” outloud as I joyfully picked up the pace after eating one. It was one of those runs where I was just happy to be out there. AND the weather was perfect. Love me some pre-storm weather.

So GU Chomps and Clif Bars get two thumbs up in my book!

Afterwards Silas gave me another glorious massage and I felt great.

It was a pretty swell Sunday!

Week 1 of Marathon training DOWN.

Week 2 started yesterday with an easy 4 mile run. Today I think I’m going to try something I’ve never done before. A TRACK WORKOUT. I might chicken out.

but I also might do it. Even though I have no idea what I’m doing. Only time will tell!!!

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