Saying Yes to Life!

Last week was a great week of running. I tried new things! Like a track workout! and GUs! And my sweet new running shorts that have POCKETS. WHY DON’T MORE SHORTS HAVE POCKETS. My god, it’s the little things.

Let’s start with the track workout out which was my first one EVERRR. ever, ever. I never ran track in high school or anything like that. I did not figure out until recently that it was something distance runners even did.

I remember we ran in elementary school, but I don’t know why? We just ran laps and marked down how many we did? It’s all very fuzzy. The laps weren’t even on a track, they were in a big open field. All I remember is I would sing the Beats (from Doug) in my head while we did it. yup. I also remember having to run after school for PE extra credit as punishment for something I did. I think I forgot my PE uniform or some crap. C’mon. LAME. We also ran the mile in middle school and I was always mad that the boys were faster, but I digress.

As you may be able to gather…I had no idea what I was doing. Does it matter? I don’t think so. Because it was a fun. So there. I looked on the internet for something simple and tried it. thanks for being my coach, internet. Keep up the good work. Too bad you can’t pat my butt when I do a good job.

I warmed up for 2.5 miles then did 6×400 the first one was 1:18 (TOO FAST, like I said, no idea what I was doing), 1:21 for 4 in a row (strangely consistent..), 1:24 (dying). Then I slow ran home. It was great because I did a lap for recovery and everytime at the end of recovery I was like “YEAH LET’S DO IT” but when I finished the fast 400 I’d think “why. why whywhywhy”. This track was chaos though. There were kids with soccer balls. People just standing in the middle of it. People being crazy. But in a way, this was nice, because I wasn’t worried that I was getting in the way of pros who actually knew what they were doing. I was just another spaz on a track filled with spazes. So, that’s cool! I’m looking forward to going to the track again.

I continued my “learn to fuel!!” trend this week on my long run (11 miles). This time? Peanut Butter Gu. It tasted like a reeses. What more could I ask for? I think never fueling before has made everytime I eat during a run a magical experience where I think I have superhuman powers afterwards.

Therefore after having my Gu at mile 7 I picked up the speed and had an awesome last 4 miles. Also it started to rain. And honestly, there’s nothing I love more then running in the rain. I have a shawshank moment everytime it happens and I am filled with simple joy.

I just want to share an exchange that happened over facebook recently that really made me smile. Katie had a status that said:

“Guys, you’re always so wonderful and encouraging. I’m on the second half of my marathon training and I’m really coming up against myself. If you have any positive energy left at the end of the day and feel like sending it my way I would be most appreciative. Love to all of you!!”

One of our acting professors from college responded with this:

“If you’re looking for a reason, I’ll offer my experience getting married. Picking out silverware and decided on a DJ and wehther to serve chicken or fish were hellacious…and seemingly endless…and grueling. But as the day approached those things receded and I was released into the joyous, momentous occasion of being alive and choosing to say “yes” to life on its terms.

Scary, but what in life that is worth doing isn’t?

That’s what training for a marathon is like. It’s grueling- but the day itself is nothing less than a celebration of being alive. Here. And now. And you’re celebrating this existential truth with THOUSANDS of other people who are discovering this truth at the same moment you are…

You are the profound author of your own experience. And your training proves it. Training in the rain, in the noon day sun, before work, after work, when friends are going out for beers, and early on Sunday mornings…

Ultimately, your training is a process that will introduce you to who you are…and who you want to be..simultaneously. So congratulations kiddo on the you you are becoming! And you’re “becoming” because you dare to.

So dare away and go get ’em Katie”

So if I’m ever down about this whole training for a marathon thing, I can look at this. Thanks Katie and Craig!

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One Response to Saying Yes to Life!

  1. Katie says:

    I’m glad we have similar track experiences. I always end up yelling at children for hitting me with soccer balls and then I feel like a dick. But its hard to run fast when the track isn’t clear!

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