Maestro Hates Running

Hate is probably a strong word, but he’s definitely not enthused anymore.

This guy

Maestro is no stranger to running! In fact, one of the reasons I started running in the first place was to make sure that he got exercise. When I first started running we would run less than a mile (at the end of this I would feel like death) to the beach. Then he’d romp around in the water and we’d walk home. That’s it. Once I decided to start training for an actual race he came along on almost every training run I had with Scarlett. He built up his mileage along with me (peaking at 11 miles!!) and seemed to really enjoy it. He always had a dopey “wheee!” expression on his face and quite often would try to make US pick up the pace.

After half marathon number one I slacked on running for awhile, but when I began training again I had every intention of bringing Maestro along for the ride. Well, when I went out for my first run with him after our break he REFUSED to move. He lied down on the sidewalk and started at me with big sulky eyes. “no” these eyes said “you are a bitch and I hate you”. After trying to coax him to run for awhile I finally gave up and brought him home. I had no desire to make him do it if he didn’t want to so I stopped running with him.

please don’t make me get up

Which was a bummer.

So recently I’ve decided to start taking Maestro on my easy runs. Any run where I’m trying to run fast or long I’ll leave him at home, but if it’s just a nice short run I’ll take him. Which winds up being two runs a week. He has been pretty darn reluctant about it, but after he makes it a mile or two I’ll let him take a dip in the ocean (and stop for water) before finishing our run.

I want to get him back in running shape for the Dog 5k in November! We ran it last year (in a time of 26:55) and hopefully Maestro can beat his time 😉 lazy ass.

standing on the beach = way better than running

As for me? Week 3 of Training is in the bag! My 10 mile run yesterday was tough. I knew it was going to be because I was exhausted by the time I got home last night, but by god, I was determined to bang that sucker out. And I did. It’s a good feeling to finish a run that was hard to start in the first place.

I tried to listen to mbmbam while running. Terrible idea. I doubled over at the several points cracking up (“so you’re saying kathleen turner is the male version of steve buscemi?”). I was concerned that other runners would think that I was mocking them for some reason, but no, no…The McElroy brothers were just slowly killing me with joy.

Oh yeah and stupid Running Warehouse had magical sales all week in celebration of the Olympics. So they basically conned me into getting new shoes (to be fair it was almost that time again anyway..):

They have been described as “delicious looking” and “blow pop” colored

Yup. Sticking with good ol’ crazy colored kinvaras. I’ve run in them a couple times so far and I really do love them. We’ll see how it goes!

My long run this week is going to be 13 miles! It will be the first time I’ve run that distance outside of a race! I guess this means shit is starting to get real.

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