Playing Hooky, 13 miles, Change of Plans

Saturday I did something I haven’t done for awhile.

I skipped my planned run. Oops. I don’t feel bad about it at all. I  had a much needed night out with friends after a day of being driven slowly insane by being cooped up in a tiny, tiny room. Yes, a THRILLING LIFE I LEAD. But seriously. Sometimes you just need to bar hop and see The Campaign. I can’t remember the last time I was out past 11 (and it wasn’t for rehearsal, harhar).

I ALSO didn’t feel bad because I kicked ass on my Sunday long run, but let’s rewind. Last week wasn’t all sunshine and sparkles in running land.

It was really hard for me to get out the door for most of my runs. I’ve just been exhausted and grumpy and lazy. I have worked every single day since I’ve gotten back from my roadtrip and that’s turned me into a surly unmotivated jerk. So the thought of going for a run during the little bit of free time between work and rehearsal was less than appealing. Especially when I just wanted to curl up in bed and shut my brain off. BUT. During the week I made it happen. And you know what? I always felt like less of an asshole after getting out and running.

Then we get to Sunday.

I’ve been reading up on people’s varying philosophies for long runs. My training plan says “ALWAYS RUN SLOW FOR LONG RUNS OR YOU WILL DIE”. Basically. There’s some science stuff that says running long and slow helps blearhghblahhh blahh scrippity doo or something.

I should probably just listen.

However, there’s the other camp that says that’s stupid. Running that much slower than your goal is going to be daunting mentally since you’ve never run that pace before.

So I decided to try out the whole pushing myself on my long run thing. Because why not? I had skipped my run the day before so I thought that could be my way of making it up. Also, this was my first time running 13.1 miles outside of a race.

So again, I ask, why the hell not? My only goal was to try and hover around an eight minute mile.

I ran it in 1:38:53. Almost eight minutes faster than my fastest half.

and it felt goddamn awesome. I chalk it up to good weather, good fueling, and just being in the right mood for a long, hard run. Oh! And I made a friend 12 miles in!

I had decided to really push the last mile because I felt great. So I picked up the pace and caught up with a girl who was running in front of me. She looked fast so naturally I wanted to see if I could keep up.We ended up settling into a pace next to each other so I turned off my music and asked her how far she was running today.

We wound up having a great conversation for the last mile of my run! Turns out she has run 9 (!!!) marathons before so she gave me some advice. It made that last mile fly by!

It’s pretty funny that I can have really long, difficult runs where I feel great, but then sometimes running four miles feels like a horrible never ending hell. On Tuesday I thought I was going to vomit and/or crap my pants the entire run. It was misery just to hang on to a 9 minute mile. Go figure! This was probably my fault because I think I ate something disgusting right before I ran. I remember thinking “this is a terrible idea”, but YOU WIN SOME YOU LOSE SOME.

Anyway. There’s now a chance I might not be able to go to Louisiana to run my marathon. Which is really too bad, but hell if I’m going to  let that stop me from running! It looks like I might be running my marathon in California now. We’ll see! Updates as they come.

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