Longest Run Ever and Beach Yoga

This weekend I hit two major running milestones.

Longest back to back runs and longest run EVER! boom!

On Saturday I did 7 miles. The first half of the run my legs complained: “Seriously? Running again? You are a dumb silly bitch. Just stop”, but it didn’t phase me. Mentally I was feeling fresh and ready to go. I think my splits reflect exactly how I was feeling. It look me exactly three miles to get groovin’.

Mile 1: 8:22 Mile 2: 8:06 Mile 3: 7:53

And then I was giddy and ready to zoom!

Mile 4: 7:22 Mile 5: 7:03 Mile 6: 6:57 (WTF?!) Mile 7: 7:22

Total: 7 Miles in 53:11

I really don’t know where Mile 5 and 6 came from, but my god, they felt great. Hell, Mile 7 felt good, too. Just one of those euphoric freeing runs.

Sunday I worked all day and walked all over Boston. I wonder, in hindsight, if this was kind of like a warm up! An all day long warm up, but a warmup, nonetheless.

I didn’t get home from work until around 5. I had butterflies! I’d never run 14 miles before and I was excited and nervous and feeling like a genuine psychopath.

I had intended to take this run nice and easy. I had just run hard the day before and I thought my body would protest so I wanted to be nice. Just get the miles in. Relax. Take my time. “Cool my jets” as they say.

But oh no. My legs had other plans.

After two miles at a reason 8:15 pace my legs wanted to go fast. I can’t explain why or understand it, but it’s just how I felt.

So I did.

And I had one of the best long runs I’ve ever had. I ran a perfect mothereffin’ negative split, too (second half of the run is faster than the first)! Every step after 13.1 miles felt amazing. I was grinning the entire last mile because I felt so good and couldn’t believe that I was running further than I’d ever run before! I really can’t believe that my body can DO THAT. In the end I ran 14.27 miles in 1:50:04. I was high on life the rest of the night.

This week is a “cutback” week where my long run goes back to 10 before my next jump forward, but I’ll be hitting all sorts of milestones soon. 16 miles. 17. 19. 20. And I can’t wait. I know not all of my long runs are going to feel like that one did, but I am so damn excited.

Scar, prepping for our yoga routine!

The day after the big 14 I woke up at a decent hour to meet Emma and Scarlett for some yoga on the beach. I know, my life is difficult, but somebody has to live it.

Scarlett just finished her 200hr yoga intensive so now she’s a real live certified yoga instructor!!! And guess what? She’s ALREADY awesome at it! She treated me and Emma to our own private hour long yoga session on the beach and it was just wonderful. The weather was perfect and I just completely blissed out.

After yoga Emma ran into the water and we never saw her again. GOODBYE EMMA!

Having her tell me about the intensive made me really think about doing it one day. I have such a strange relationship with yoga. It’s hard for me. Really hard.I’ m not flexible at all, and I’m not very good at keeping still. But I think that’s exactly why it’s good for me. It quiets my busy spastic brain down and it pushes me to try things that I’m not naturally skilled at. So I wonder if doing the teacher training would be wise for me.

I’ve always secretly (well, maybe not so secretly) wanted to be a jack of all trades. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to acting. You get to do a lot of different things within the confines of a single occupation. But I don’t want to be just an actor. I want to do a lot of things. Maybe being a yoga instructor could be one of them? I’ve also entertained the idea of become a certified running coach and helping beginners train for their first race. I really enjoy coming up with training plans and getting people involved with running. Sure, I’m still a novice runner myself, but I think one day I could be good at helping people with it. Just because I love it so much. I’ve also considered getting into dog training because I love working with Maestro so much.

I just don’t want to do one thing my whole life. It’s hard for me to commit to one thing fully because I want to be flexible and try lots of things. I guess I’m a dabbler.

And some random bits to end this post:

– I started this morning with a track workout. I only did 4×800 because, frankly, I didn’t have the time for much else! It was hard as hell. My legs did not want to move, but we certainly powered through. YES WE DID LEGS!

– Romeo & Juliet opens THIS WEEKEND!!!!! I am so jazzed. I’m so proud of everybody working on this show.

– Speaking of that, we roadtrip down to Maryland next week for the Eastern Shore part of our tour! So that means that next two weeks all I will be doing is acting, running, swimming, drinking, and playing. I am so unspeakably excited about this. I think I’ve convinced the cast to run a beer mile with me…so get ready for some exciting updates on that front…





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6 Responses to Longest Run Ever and Beach Yoga

  1. okay, i’m sooo jazzed on multiple facets here! 1) CONGRATS on not just the long run but for rocking it…talk about one of ‘those’ runs where the legs just bring it, so way to negative split! 2) yay for track workouts too…they are always hard as hell…lol…but they make u faster and are worth it in that sick, twisted, we like/hate this kinda pain. 🙂 3) i kno u’ve since then done another 7 miler…soo way to be consistent and sticking it to the long runs!! just the kinda awesomeness i’m happy to have on my team! 😉

    • Yay! Go team Cait! I’m going to try and bring the thunder this month 😉

      I do love a good track workout! I only just started them recently. I’m definitely exploring all sorts of running workouts to discover what works for me. It’s been a blast!!

  2. “I was grinning the entire last mile because I felt so good and couldn’t believe that I was running further than I’d ever run before!”
    Yep! You’re doing it right! I just love reading about others who are so passionate about what they are doing, especially when we share the same passion. Keep up the great work!

    • Aw thanks! I feel so lucky to have found running. Even on the days when it’s hard I still feel so great afterwards! I have to say reading your blog really makes me want to tackle ultrarunning someday. We’ll see how marathon number one goes!!

  3. RoseRunner says:

    You totally caught my attention with your comment on my blog about your job — it sounds SO AWESOME! I can’t believe how cool you and your life must be.

    Also, you are clearly doing something really right with your training — those two runs are off the freaking hook. I’m super impressed, I think you are going to have an amazing marathon debut. Amazing. What is your goal? I know you are supposed to aim to “just finish” your first marathon, but I see you well below 3:30.

    • Haha!! Thanks!! I do love my job. Of course you get all sorts of wackos, but for the most part it’s a blast!

      And I secretly want to run sub 3:35. That’s my reach goal. My realistic goal is under 4 hours. I’ve had some awesome long runs, but also some pretty tough ones. So who the hell knows! Knowing me I’m definitely going to push myself that day. I have a tune up half in two weeks and I’m hoping I can come under 1:40 (My PR is 1:46). I’ve done it for training runs so we’ll see!!

      Thanks so much for commenting! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and it cracks me up. I’m so glad to be connecting with other runners…my friends all think I’m bonkers for running as much as I do!! They are supportive, but also completely baffled.

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