Quick Update from Smalltown Maryland

I’ve had no computer access for the past week so this little update comes straight atcha from ye olde iphone.

At the moment I’m living in Snow Hill, MD population: 2,104. Yup! It’s a charming little town and I’m actually learning to love it.

I’m staying in the home of a lovely couple who offered to house us wayward actors while we tour our outdoor production of Romeo & Juliet. 

I’ll have a more thorough update when I get back to Boston because this tour has been pretty magical so far. I’ve been keeping up with running pretty damn well considering the insane performance schedule we have. The runs have been slower (the humidity here is no joke), but it’s been nice to run someplace new! And I definitely conned my cast into running a beer mile with me! 

Again. Details to come. I’ve got my first 16 mile run coming up on Monday! I can’t wait!


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