Romeo & Juliet, Guns & Runs, Booze & Screws

So that was great.

Just so you know the first part of this post is going to be me gushing about my trip. The second part will be more running related. So pick your poison?! Or take both poisons. Or no poisons. I don’t care.

I just spent the past two weeks traveling and performing with this ridiculous group of people:

We’re BEEutiful.

Those who have known me for quite some time know that my main ambition in life is to be an actor who travels. I joke about starting a gypsy caravan of actors who travel from city to city performing for the locals. I also joke about buying a ship and converting it into a theatre and performing at ports all around the world. Yeah, it’s not a joke. I’d fucking love to do that.

The last two weeks are the closest I’ve ever been to living that kind of life and I loved it. It was fulfilling, exhausting, and magical. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share it with. On top of all that I got to play Mercutio which is pretty much my dream role. When I first read R&J in high school I didn’t think “I want to play Juliet!” I thought “I want to play Mercutio!!”. So it was pretty goddamn amazing to get to play that part and fight and play with so many talented people.

Suck it, Tybalt.

But ENOUGH SAPPINESS! Let’s focus on the badassery of this trip.

First of all, I fired guns on this trip. This is very important because my only new years resolution this year was to fire a gun. I should probably preface this by saying that guns actually terrify me and I really don’t think guns should be as easily accessible as they are etc. etc.

But damn. It was exciting. And scary. And now I can say I’ve done it. If the zombie apocalypse comes I won’t be completely screwed.

Secondly, I convinced most of my cast mates into running a beer mile with me. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I found out what a beer mile was (…so for a month, I guess) and was excited to try it out. bEven though I knew it could only end in a drunken disaster.

It was actually more like a beer slightly less than a mile. It was also run pantsless. Why? Because I was in jeans and I wasn’t about to run a drunken mile in jeans. So we discarded our pants and began our beer “mile”.

The first lap was easy. I chugged that natty light like it was nothing and sprinted gleefully around the pond. The second beer was tough, but the run was still not too hard. By the time I reached beer 3 I could no longer chug. I know. It was sad, but that’s what I get for never really having more than 2-3 drinks in an evening. So what did I do? Call for Joe, of course! Joe can chug like a champ. He was also shouting encouraging things like “OPEN YOUR THROAT” from the sidelines. “JOE, HELP ME” I pleaded, and he did. I did not feel bad asking for help as other cast members had already called in replacement chuggers to take their beers for them. I don’t think anybody really drank their 4th beer. I certainly didn’t. I’m not really sure WHAT happened or how long it took. All I know is at the end of this we wound up swimming in the pond and having an amazing night.

So in that way Beer Mile was a huge success.

Thirdly (I guess this is kind of a list), we went to an incredible bar in the town I stayed in. It was less of a bar and more of a cabaret where a VFW band called The WW2s (can’t make this shit up) played classic tunes like “Putting on the Ritz” and “Hound Dog”. We danced. We sang. We laughed. We cried. We had the time of our lives. This is only slightly hyperbolic.

The WW2s.  Yeah, they’re adorable!

Fourth? I don’t know, man. It was all just the best. From the amazing meals we cooked for each other to the romping in the ocean to all of the performances we got to do. Can I please go back?


Running also happened! It was hard to fit in because our performance schedule was nuts, but I managed. I wound up cutting out most of my shorter runs because there was just no time! But I made sure to get in my longer/medium long runs.

While I was there I ran two 8 milers at a pretty easy pace (between 8:20 and 8:45ish). Two 8 milers that were sort of speedwork (4×800 repeats), but admittedly it was kind of half assed. Those wound up being between 7:40 and 7:50 overall. I also fit in a wee little 4 mile run.

But the doozy is I ran 16 miles for the first time while I was there! I did it on my day off and I ran from where we were staying to my friend’s home. Kind of. He actually lives 18 miles away, but I stopped at 16 miles and he picked me up. I would say that was sweet of him, but he brought me a horrible surprise…

Iced after 16 miles

If you’ve ever heard of icing it’s a terrible game. Terry, who played Paris in our production of R&J, does a great job of explaining it here in his blog. We started playing the game last year during Twelfth Night and, sadly, it stuck.

So before noon I ran 16 miles and drank an alcoholic beverage.

The run went well! REALLY WELL! It was so exciting! And I did it at an 8:10 pace! It made me think “I CAN DO THIS!!”.

This is a terrible blog post. I’m bad at this. Oh well!

In other news, I am running a tune up half this weekend! Maybe the post about that will be more coherent, but no guarantees.

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