Goals and Hair Dye

My hair is usually dictated by whatever show I’m doing at the time. This time it was long (which is weird for me) so it could be put up in crazy braids. Sometimes it’s really short. Sometimes it gets a streak of green. Other times it’s black. And there was even that one crazy time when I went blonde for a role:

Blonde = new. Dressed as a boy = typical.

Now that Romeo & Juliet is over I’m dying my hair red. I usually dye my hair red when I can’t decide on anything else. I was thinking of cutting my hair really short, but winter is coming (Ha. Ha.) and a wild mane of hair might come in handy when fighting the elements. And I kind of want to see if I can get my hair long enough to cover my boobs. Good goals.

Speaking of GOALS, I’ve got that half marathon tomorrow. I’m hoping having red hair will make me faster. That’s how it works, right? I have a couple of goals.

1) Push hard – I want this to be difficult. I want to feel like I couldn’t have possibly raced any harder when I cross the finish line. I’ve run a few halfs now and I’m ready to go all out. I’m both excited and nervous to really go for it.

2) PR – Why not? I’ve run faster than my current PR many times now during training runs so I might as well go for it!

3) Fuel decently – I’ve never really fueled well in a half marathon before, but I’ve gotten better during my long runs. So maybe that will help!

On Monday I ran 17 miles (for the first time!) at a 8:02 pace. I’m really happy with that, but it was also REALLY GODDAMN HARD. Those last three miles were death, but I’m proud of myself for not shutting down mentally. My legs would have loved to stop. That was the first run in a long time where I was really stiff the next day. Probably my fault because I was not very good about stretching afterwards (I had to go right to work). That night I stayed in bed from 5 – 9 watching Parks and Rec with Joe. He was sick and my body was trashed so it was a beautiful, lazy four hours. Then I went to sleep at 9pm. Yup. I’m a crazy party animal.

I was supposed to do an easy run on Tuesday, but my body hurt so instead I went to yoga. Wednesday I ran an easy 9 miles. Yesterday and today are rest days before the half.

So that’s where I am. I’m really exciting for tomorrow morning.







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