Someone is Crazy (It’s Me)

Things have been mighty interesting around these parts lately!

I’ve decided to do a couple of crazy things.

1) Go to Louisiana in spite of having nobody to go with me. Yes. That means I will be running two marathons less than a month of part. And, yes, they are my first and second marathons (respectively). Ha. Ha. I never claimed to be sane!

But here’s the thing. I was not ready to give up on it so easily! When I found out I no longer had a running buddy for the marathon my first thought was “Well, that’s that!” and to quickly make plans to run another marathon closer to home. Which I did! But the more I thought about it the more I realized that I just have to go. I want to go to this new place, maybe meet some new people, and do something a little crazy. The worst thing that could happen? I have to run-walk the entire marathon and then I have to spend time in an amazing city alone. Honestly? Not that bad. Finding cheap flights really sealed the deal for me.

So here’s the game plan:

Fly to California the second weekend in November. Spend time with my family and friends there. Run the Santa Barbara International Marathon in under 4 hours (too bold?).

Come home for a few weeks and work my butt off. Fly to Louisiana Nov 30th. Run the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon and survive. Take a bus to New Orleans and go on a goddamn adventure. Fly home to Boston.

I think it’s gonna be good. Really good. By the way, if anybody knows of someone who I can crash with in New Orleans that’d be great…only half joking!

2) I’m 99.9% certain I’m going to do a Yoga Teacher Training program the beginning of next year. The more I think about it the more I think it’s a fantastic idea for me. I want a job that can travel with me, and I think this would be perfect.

I also just want to learn a new skill. I love acting and all, but I don’t want to be an actor and nothing else.

And, hell, I could use it for acting! Teach Yoga for Actors. Who knows? I’m really excited about the possibilities! I’m going to an info session in two weeks. If that goes well I think I’m just going to do it!!

So how ’bout them apples, eh?!

Oh yeah! That whole running thing. I’ve been doing that, too. So far this week I’ve done two easy runs (one with dog, and he didn’t hate it! Thanks, cool weather!) and I did my first track workout since coming back from Maryland!

those beams of light are really showing off

I should reiterate that I have no goddamn clue what I’m doing when it comes to track workouts. I just kind of make it up from nonsense I’ve heard online from people who actually know how to do things. On Tuesday I decided to do 800s because…those are good, right?

They were hard. Which was very humbling. And my repeats were all over the place. I wound up doing 7×800 with a lap jog in between.

Here’s what we got: 3:19, 3:20, 3:29, 3:20, 3:20, 3:22, 3:15

Other than the 3:29 (oops) not too bad! Tough, but by golly I pushed through. It’s a good feeling getting through a workout that was really hard on that day for whatever particular reason.

This weekend I’ve got my first 19 miler. Holy moley. I feel the same way I always do about new longest distance: equally excited and terrified. I might run part of it on some trails that are a few miles away from my house. Who knows! I’ll play the “try a million new things at once” game and see what happens! Because that’s just where I am right now.


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4 Responses to Someone is Crazy (It’s Me)

  1. raztaz says:

    Wow, you’re incredibly inspiring!! Good luck with it all…

  2. Thank you 🙂 Hopefully it’s not all TOO crazy!!

  3. i luv it!! no that’s not crazy, i think it’s going to be crazy fun tho! 🙂 wanna swing on by my parts and take me with u? hehe.
    great job on the track workout and the BEST part is u made that last one ur fastest. 🙂

    • YES! Join me! It will certainly be an adventure!!!!

      And thanks!! Even though the workout was all over the place and pretty hard that day I’m glad I was able to pull it together at the end 🙂 Phew!!

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