Dippy Goony Bird

First 19 miler is in the books!

You know what’s especially awesome? It flew by. I took a new route (one with HILLS!) and had a great time. The weather was gloomy and drizzly. I ran through some beautiful parts of town and really felt like I was exploring. I tried to run to some trails near me, but I took a wrong turn/went too far and missed them. By the time I figured it out I had already gone far enough mileage wise so I just ran back home. Didn’t phase me though! There’s always my 20 miler this weekend!

I enjoyed every moment of it. Well, the last three or so miles were tough, but just because my hips/IT band felt tight. It wasn’t anything terribly painful. Just…cranky? It was uncomfortable, but having made it so far already I was OK with it. I guess running 19 miles is hard on your body or something!

After the run I still had a million things to do (walk dogs! clean the yoga studio!), but once it was taken care of I completely vegged out and played Final Fantasy IX all night:

I prefer recovery to include video games and compression socks.

My runs since the doozy this weekend have been relaxed. I had every intention of going to the track today, but as soon as I got outside I realized it wasn’t going to happen. My legs felt heavy and I decided to just take it easy. It was definitely the right thing to do. The track ain’t goin’ nowhere and I’m trying to get better at listening to what my body wants (within reason)!

I’m really excited because I just found out I get to win an awesome prize from Cait’s blog for being on the winning team for the Miles Madness Competition. And I get second choice!! I think I want the bra or the bic bands goodie bag. Who doesn’t love free things?!

A couple of random thoughts:

– It rained all weekend and whenever it rains I get random songs from Cowboy Bebop stuck in my head. Especially Green Bird. Obviously this is important.

– I’m taking Maestro  to his first Canine Good Citizen class tomorrow. I really hope he does, indeed, learn to be a good citizen because he can be a real prick. I love my dog, but I know he’s a bit of a curmudgeon!

dur, give me food and throw the ball and let me bark at other dogs plz

– I just realized the two pictures I’ve put in the post were taken in my bed. I swear I’m not always in bed. OR AM I?!

This video delights me. heyyyyy wealthy ladiezzzz. I’ve really been trying to nail this Gangnam Style dance. It’s goddamn hard.

– Final Fantasy IX: I’m loving it all over again. The writing is so adorable and hilarious.

– I had bigger ambitions for this post. But I think they will have to wait.

– I keep forgetting I’m running a Spartan Race the WEEK after marathon number one. I’m probably going to die

– R&J reunion TONIGHT!!!!!

Guys. I’m great at blogging. Goodnight.





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