Bad Runner, Good Dog

I’ve skipped two runs this week.

I skipped my Thursday because my body just wasn’t happy. All sorts of weird aches and discomforts that worried me. Why now, body?! WHY?!

I also just didn’t have a spare moment. I scheduled the day poorly and was running around like a crazy lady trying to fit everything in (I did, because I’m amazing), but the run didn’t happen. I don’t feel bad about it though because my body was MUCH happier the next day. So YAY for listening to my poor dear muscles and limbs and such.

Yesterday I did yoga (it’s usually my rest day).

I also re-discovered I am the world’s most amazing wing woman. Sure, I MAY be exaggerating a bit, but somebody’s got to do it! Let’s just say I laid some mad game on a cute bartender for my single friend. I love doing this. Since I’ve been in a relationship for so long it’s fun getting to help my single friends with their antics sometimes. Reminds me of helping out my buddy Carly when she wanted to get some sweet, sweet knight lovin’ from Medieval Times. We may or may not have wound up bowling with the yellow knight and his squire the next day, but that’s a story for another day, eh?


I couldn’t fit the run in today either. Sad! Bad job! BUT I had a really great day. I got lunch with Joe and his Aunt and Uncle (who are incredible people), we saw Looper (SO.GOOD.), and then I spent the rest of the day in the theatre helping load in for a show that opens next week.

So I just got home a few minutes ago and now I’m happily enjoying a pumpkin beer.

Instead of worrying about these missed runs I’m just going to crush my 20 miler tomorrow. Good plan, yah? I’m actually really pumped for it. Especially because I haven’t run for a few days. Now I miss it! So while I’m a little sad I haven’t gotten to run I think it was all for the best. I’m ready to go.

Maestro and I had our first Canine Good Citizen class on Thursday!

The CGC test is “designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.” (from the akc website).

Basically it’s a test of 10 items that see how well behaved your dog is in various circumstances. This class helps prepare owners and their dogs for the test. The reason I wanted to take this class is because Maestro has a few “quirks” I want to work on with him. At first I was worried he wouldn’t be ready for this class, but then I realized, well, that’s the point! To work on this stuff!

Here are the 10 items the dogs have to be able to do to pass the test. I’m going to group them by how challenging they’ll be for Maestro 😉

Things that shouldn’t be hard for him

Sit/Down and Staying in Place – Maestro is a pro at Stay. He eats Stays for breakfast. Same with sit and down. He’ll do all of these for me without being rewarded most of the time.

Coming When Called – I would say he doesn’t have a fool proof recall, BUT the test only requires he comes from 20 feet away without any distractions. And THAT he can do.

Grooming/Appearance – He’s pretty tolerant of being brushed. Should be fine

Supervised Separation – Maestro doesn’t really whine or freak out when I leave him with somebody else.  He will just stare in the direction I left (which isn’t a problem for the test)

Things that could be better

Walking on a loose lead – He’s OK at this. Could be better. He’s a little sniffy. With work though I don’t think we’ll have too much trouble!

Reaction to a distraction – This is where they have a jogger run by/drop something loud/person on crutches walk near your dog. Maestro is pretty hit or miss with this. Some things he doesn’t REALLY care about, but other things he hates. So we’ll see! I think we can work on this.


Reaction to other dogs – This is the whole reason we’re taking the class! He gets VERY barmy on the leash when other dogs are around and he goes completely haywire! Hackles up, lunging, going nuts. He actually was REALLY good about not reacting to the dogs in the class, but on our walks it’s a whole other ball game. Thankfully the instructor is giving us the tools to handle this! And I think we’ll be able to get better. Slowly.

Accepting friendly petting – Maestro doesn’t really like being pet. He’s not a super affectionate little guy. He will tolerate it though. It’s just a matter of teaching him to just be still when somebody pets him instead of pulling away.

Accepting a friendly stranger – Again, he did really well with this in class, but I think the setting changes a lot. I’ve got to work on him with it outdoors. And with more strangers (I know, creepy).

Walking through a crowd – Hit or miss. Sometimes he’s fine. Sometimes he freaks out. I’m hoping we can work on this so I know he’ll always be fine. The dog rides the T all the time and deals with all sorts of crazies! Yet still sometimes on our walks he flips out at random people.

And that’s it! I think this class is going to be really good for us. I’ve done quite a bit of Agility with Maestro and I want to continue with it, but I wanted to go back to the basics and nail those down before we go up a level in agility. I also LOVE our instructor. She’s a really sweet lady. She’s also very thorough! We get homework and everything!

Time to hit the books, bro

I doubt we’ll be able to pass the test right after we finish the class, but I think it’s a good goal for down the line!

Alright beauty sleep…here I come.

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