20 Miles and a Cold

It turns out you can cover most of Boston in twenty miles!

I didn’t have a very good plan as far as choosing a route goes. I couldn’t use the same route I did when running my 19 miler because it was dark out and I wasn’t keen on running through a “sketchier” part of town at night. So I started doing my normal loop by the harbor, but quickly found that I was pretty much all by myself out there. Oops. So I decided the best idea was to stick to busier parts of the city where I’d feel safer. I really hate that I have to worry about things like that! But it ended up working out because I had a beautiful evening run through some of my favorite parts of town and I never felt unsafe because I was constantly surrounded by people.

The last few miles were the hardest that I’ve ever run, probably. I was practically shuffling and pushing through a lot of discomfort. At first I got nervous, was I injured? had I pushed too hard? But, honestly, I’m chalking it up to running twenty freakin’ miles. When I finished I was giddy. 20 miles feels pretty goddamn special. I can only imagine how 26.2 is going to feel. Part me wonders how the hell I’m going to run SIX MORE MILES on top of that, but at the same time…I’m not too worried. I built up to twenty, didn’t I? I can manage the whole shebang, right?!

Yesterday I was sore. More sore than I have gotten from running in a long time. Again, there were moments of “OH GOD. I’VE INJURED MYSELF. WOE IS ME!”, but I feel much better (physically) today.

Now I just have a stupid cold. And it’s all my fault. Joe had a cold and every time I kissed him he would say “You’re sick now!”. OOPS. He was right. I AM sick now. And I have nobody to blame but myself. Stupid kissing.

So I’m taking the day off which makes me sad because I was ready to get back in my groove this week after skipping runs twice last week. Ah, well. Rather be sick now then while I’m traveling, eh? I don’t want to push it.

I won a Road ID from Cait‘s contest! I just ordered it today so when I get it I’ll write up a review. I’ve never really written a review before, but why not start now?




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6 Responses to 20 Miles and a Cold

  1. Congrats on running 20 miles, that is definitely a feat! I’m just starting to get into running – I have my first 10K this weekend. Thankfully it’s only 6.2 miles, NOT 20 haha.

    • That’s awesome! Have a blast at your first 10k! I recently realized I’ve never actually run a 10k race and I should change that 😉 and 6.2 miles is nothin’ to sneeze at either. I remember how excited I was the first time I ran 6 miles! It’s a great feeling!!

  2. Ice bath! Your muscles will love you for it. You can start in a cold bath and have someone else pour the ice in when you’re ready.

  3. Thanks Elise! I’ve heard people talk about the “taper crazies”, but right now I’m feeling pretty good!

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