I forgot my dog’s birthday, but then I remembered.

Yup, Today is Maestro’s 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, monster!! This morning the little turd conned TWO breakfasts out of us. First, he woke me up a 5am (which is absurdly early, even for him) so I fed him. Then later on I discover he woke up Joe, too, and got his second meal. Smooth move, ferguson, but we’re on to you now. Hope you enjoyed the one time that WILL EVER HAPPEN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

He was so SMALL! And, yes, we were watching AHH! Real Monsters

Running. That is a thing that I still do, I promise. Although I had a rough time last week. I had a stupid, dumb cold that kept me from running most of the week. By the end I got it together. Rounding out the week with 18 WHOLE MILES. (A 10k and a 12 miler). What did I do instead of run, you ask? Well, play video games of course! Mostly Dishonored. Which I’m terrible at. I just murder everybody violently even though you’re supposed to sneak around. Stealth has never been my strong point, but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying stealth based games. I generally just blunder through them and hope for the best.

This week has started out better. I did a nice little tempo run today! It was hard, but in the good way. The way where I kind of wanted to stop but then thought “No, damnit! Your legs feel fresh! You’re just being tired and lazy! Go, go, go!” and I did. It went by so fast! I’m determined to stay on track this week. Marathon number one is three weeks from Saturday. I’m so pumped!!! I feel like I’ve been training forever and I’m so ready to get to the racing part! This weekend I’m going to try a 22 miler. I know, I know, you’re supposed to peak at 20 miles, but I really think 22 miles will make me feel more prepared. Then I can take a deep breath, taper, and get ready to go. Ah, I want it. Let me at ’em!!!

In other big life decision-y news I secured my spot for Yoga Teacher Training starting February 2013. I am terrified, which is kind of why I did it.

look, ma, I can yoga!

This is going to be really good for me. I want to try new things. I want to have a job that involves teaching. A job that can go anywhere with me. A job that won’t stress me out. One that will be good for my mental health. To ground me. I’m not very grounded. I’m a goddamn spaz, which is all well and good, but I want to find some balance. I hear that’s important or something! It will also work really well with the whole seasonal tour guide thing!

Like I’ve said before I want to be a jack of all trades. And this is another step in that direction.

To prepare for this training I’m going to try and go to yoga at least 2 -3 times a week. At least while I’m marathon training. Once I’m done with marathon training I’m going to try and get to the studio more often.

Aw, jeez, I can’t believe I’m doing this. LIFE.





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