Track Wednesday and Tales from the Trail

Wednesday was Track Day! Surprise! I’ve been slacking on speed work, and I wasn’t even going to bother this week. I just haven’t been feeling it, but hot damn, gettin’ out there put me in an ass kicking mood. So I knocked out some 800s!
3:19, 3:19, 3:17, 3:18, 3:18, 3:14, 3:15, 3:04

Yeaahhh, got a bit sassy with that last repeat. I actually kind of wish I’d done more because I felt great, but I had to get home. Next week maybe I’ll go for the full 10×800. I’m pretty sure I could hover between 3:15 and 3:20 for 10 repeats. Again, this is me making shit up as I go along. But, hey, whatever works, right?

Right now I’m at work between tours. And today Boston has been a bastion for the insane. This job is great, but MY GOD. The people you meet. To be fair, for every insane person there is a delightful human being you get to meet which makes up for it. Still.

Today I was trying to sell tickets and a woman comes up to me and asks “Where am I going when I’m going this way?” (Although this wasn’t nearly as good as the woman who asked “What’s in this building…history?”). This was more amusing than anything else. So vague! Such an odd way to word something! “Um, to another part of Boston? Eventually to the river? towards a t stop? I don’t really know there are LOTS of things in that direction!”.

The response I managed to come up with was “Uhhh, what exactly do you mean by that?” and the woman laughed and said “Oh, what is the next stop on the trail?” AH! Specifics. Now THAT’S communication! Something I can handle!

Afterwards a man came up to me and asked for the tour schedule. A completely normal and sane thing to do! In fact, he was very friendly and easy to help. Great! I figured I’d gotten through this interaction without incident. But, no. I wasn’t about to get off that easy! He reached his hand towards me. At first I thought he was trying to shake my hand (a bit strange, but still in the realm of acceptability), but instead he GRABBED MY WRIST and pulled up my sleeve to reveal my tattoo. He looked at it and said “Ah, I see” and then WALKED AWAY. Why is that the way he chose to end our perfectly civil exchange?! People think that boundaries don’t exist, I guess, if you are wearing a costume.

Then there was the time where I had a student on my tour. She really, really wanted me to take a picture of a willow tree and e-mail it to her. I feel like an asshole because I lost her e-mail, but I wonder why she couldn’t go to the willow tree herself?

And there’s the Australian guy who gave me his number and said I could stay with him if I ever came to Australia. And the guy who tried to rip my hat off my head and then I basically growled at him and shouted “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!!” as he cowered and slunk away.

There are also all of those people who are wonderfully bright, rational humans who are just fun to give a tour to. People you bond with and form a connection with over the course of 90 minutes. These people you would never have any reason to meet otherwise. Like the couple from Singapore who told me more than I’ve ever known about their country! Or the guy from Sweden who was like “What the hell is up with you Americans and your letting religion into your politics?”. They remind me that, hey, I do LIKE people. Sometimes. When they are not fucking batshit insane.

And on that note, I’m going to enjoy this beautiful day and hope that I get some interesting, kind, and sane people on my next tour. And after that? I’m going on a goddamn run.

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