Santa Barbara International Marathon

Watch as I attempt to write a goddamn marathon recap on my phone. I just have so many feelings and I want to write them down now while they are fresh!!

First of all, I’m still kind of reeling from it all. I’m a little loopy. And sore. And wine is involved so this could be a fun little romp of a post. Look! Marathon clothes! Neon orange? Definitely my color.

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Second of all? Oh, screw making this a list! I ran a goddamn marathon today and it was awesome. Don't get me wrong. It was hard. Hard as hell. But I want to do it again (which is good, 'cause, I'm gonna in 3 weeks…) and I want to run it smarter.

I ran a stupid race, but I learned SO much. And I don't regret any of the dumb decisions I made because it all worked out. You see my crazy reach goal was 3:35. But there was no 3:35 pacer! Only a 3:30! So I thought "what the hell!". I decided to see if that pace was even remotely possible for me. SURPRISE! It wasn't! I made it 12 miles before saying "NOPE!!!" and dialing back my pace significantly. Thus nailing the positive split πŸ˜‰ Miles 13 – 17 were dark times. I berated myself for being a big old dummy and going out too fast because now I was feeling rough WAY too early. I really wondered if I could even finish the race! BUT! Once I got into the rhythm of a slower pace I felt so much better! Aha! Lesson learned. I also made the decision to walk through water stations. BEST decision. Did not slow me down much and allowed me to actually drink instead of splashing water all over my face like a basketcase.

Miles 18 – 20 were tough, but doable. Even though I BIT IT at mile 18. I've got the scrape on my knee to prove it! Everyone stared at me and I shouted "I'M OKAY!!" way too manically. Oh! And at Mile 19.5 there was a sign that said "Paul Ryan thinks this is the finish line!". I let out a harpy cackle that tickled (er, terrified?) nearby runners when I read it.

By the way, the support for this race was just fantastic. There were a million aid stations. And people dressed up as chickens and clowns. And an accordian player! And ukelele band!! All delightful things to see while running miles on end! Also our names were on our bibs so strangers would yell "Go Chelsea!!! You're kicking butt!" and I would tear up a little because goddamnit that's what I needed to hear.

The last 6 miles were kind of magical. Again, not easy by any means, but it's when I realized that I was actually going to do this. At Mile 23 there was a doozy of a hill and I felt SO close so I refused to walk it. Again, probably dumb, but it was the principal of the thing! And after that? All downhill to the finish while running along the ocean. Yup. Lovely.

One thing I did right this race? I nailed my fueling!! I had three GUs (5, 10, 18). I had sports drink at 15. And drank water at most water stations. Worked well for me!!

The race ends on a high school track. The only time I felt furious during this race was for .5 seconds when a row of people who walked the half were blocking the ENTIRE PATH. LADIES. I'm in the final .2 of a marathon. MOVE. I was able to squeeze past them and as soon as I got by my anger disappeared because I was almost done!! My final time? 3:41:03. And I am so proud of myself. Yes, like I said, I ran a dumb race. But who cares?! This just makes me think on another day where I don't go out to fast I could get that BQ! And I've got all of 2013 to suss that out πŸ™‚ Let's face it. I mostly want to BQ so I can run a race in my own city!!

I'm just so happy, and I'm going to get gushy for a second. Running in that race and getting worn down and exhausted made me stupidly emotional (in a good way!). I started thinking about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful supportive family and group of friends. My Mom and her friend ran the half today (Go Mom!) and my friend Scarlett came all the way from LA to be at the finish line for me. And all my friends from Boston (and the internet!!! Thanks T-rex!!) supported me from afar. That all meant so much to me! This may sound obvious, but pushing myself through sonething like this forced me to focus on all the good stuff in my life. All the trivial bullshit melted away because there's no room for that crap at mile 17!!

So yeah. I think I'm going to keep doing this marathon thing, and see where it takes me!


Well. I am pooped. Ha. I wonder why. Internet, thanks for listening to the ramblings of a crazy lady. Goodnight!!

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13 Responses to Santa Barbara International Marathon

  1. Terry says:

    Good job, crazy!!

  2. trexrunner says:

    I love it!!! Congratulations on a great race! It sounds like you learned a lot and I’m excited to see how you do at Baton Rouge! Don’t worry, I will not make you wait for me at the finish line for the extra 1.5 hours it will take me to finish behind you.

    • Thanks Danielle!!

      I’m excited about Baton Rouge, too! Are you going to the free pre-race dinner the night before? We should meet up then! I’m excited for my sweet T-Rex shirt πŸ™‚

      And I just realized Route 66 is this weekend!!! Have a blast! I can’t wait to see your mascot costume haha!

      • trexrunner says:

        Yes, I think Amanda and I are going to plan on going to the dinner. We will definitely meet up! I am so paranoid about forgetting your shirt that I literally think about it EVERY day. Don’t worry, I’ll have someone videoing what is sure to be a very entertaining mascot dash. I put my chances of falling at about 80%.

  3. raztaz says:

    Seriously, AMAZING!! Congrats… and good luck on the next one – wow!!

  4. Heather Schmidt says:

    I am sooooo very proud of you Thanks for inviting me. I love you my Chelsea:)

  5. elderp says:

    Nice recap, I hope one day to be able to run that fast.

  6. XLMIC says:

    Definitely NOT a time to sneeze at πŸ™‚ Huge congrats to you!!!

    Sounds like my first marathon…in which I went out like a bat outta hell and PRed the half distance. The second half was more than 20 minutes slower than the first πŸ˜› LOL

    • Ha! Yes! I think my second half was 12 – 13 minutes slower? Oops πŸ™‚ Live and learn! I’m glad I’m not the only one to go out wayyyy to fast on my first full!!

      And Thanks!!!

  7. Heather Schmidt says:

    So very proud of you πŸ™‚ thx for asking me. Personal goals Rock. I love u

  8. fitfunmom says:

    Congratulations on a great race! I loved it too (my first).

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