My life is full of things, but they are mostly swell

This post will probably be pretty boring for people who don’t give a damn about my day to day life, but I’ve had a pretty jam packed two weeks and I want to write about it somewhere. TAKE THAT INTERNET.

It’s been too long since I’ve gone for a run. My last run was the Wednesday after my marathon. It was a nice easy breezy four miles.

Sadly, that run made me sore. Too sore for that mellow of a run. And I decided that was my body’s way of telling me that I was going to need a longer recovery from Baton Rouge. So I decided to take off the next three days. Monday rolls along and my body decides to catch a cold! I took that as I sign that I’ve been trying to do too much period. So the break continued.

And all of a sudden it’s Saturday night and I have a 5k to run tomorrow. Huh! I have no plans for this 5k. The plan is: finish. Get my medal with a bottle opener on it. Drink beer.

I’ve been going non-stop since getting back from my trip. I started a new job the night I got back! And ANOTHER NEW JOB the day after. Yeah, that’s right, I’m up to basically one million jobs. My new jobs? Bartending at a theatre and Assistant Teaching Drama at an elementary school. The bartending gig is inconsistent (in a good way) and the teaching gig is probably inconsistent, too. Teaching drama to kids is hilarious. These kids are ridiculous. I used to really, really dislike children. Only because I don’t want ’em. I could go on and on about why I don’t want kids, but who wants to hear that? All I’ll say is that even though I still don’t want kids I like them a lot more now because they are a blast in small doses. Especially when you get to do things like play drama games and color with them. Sure, they can be butt heads, but kid butt heads are so much easier to deal with than adult butt heads. Also, LOOK AT THIS:

yes. that says "cock".

yes. that says “cock”.

So we decided to have the kids help design the “set” for a show we’re doing with them. The show takes place in the forest so we had them draw things they’d see in a forest. This girl drew an owl in a tree. Cute! But then I noticed what she wrote next to the tree. Instead of going “OMG THIS SECOND GRADER WROTE COCK!!!” I decided to say “Tell me about your picture!”. The girl replied “Well, this is an owl in a tree and it is saying “coo! coo!”.

Completely innocent. That’s just how she thought you spelled the noise that owls make. So, yeah, pretty fun job!

I bet people who don’t know me are wondering how I function in reality. Sometimes I wonder, too! But having lots of weird, random gigs suits me. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but I love all of my jobs! Whether it be wandering the streets of Boston spouting history in colonial garb or playing with dogs I’ve got it pretty damn good.

It hasn’t been all work, work, work though! I’ve played pretty hard, too, which is part of where my exhaustion comes in. Ooops. But I turned 25 last week! And I had the best birthday. Probably one of my favorite birthdays of my 20s which is funny because I really didn’t expect to do very much! During the day we took the dogs to the beach and let them run around. Then I did yoga. And then my awesome roommate made me and our friends beef goulash! It was goddamn delicious. The we went to karaoke at the bar above the theatre where Joe performs every night. I don’t want to brag or anything, but my friends picked the FUCKING BEST SONGS. All songs that were perfect for them. And not necessarily oft sung karaoke songs. I was brought to joyful tears of laughter by Joe’s rendition of Misery Business. He introduced it by saying “This is for Chelsea’s birthday, but it’s not ABOUT her because that would be mean”. He proceeded to belch throughout the song and yell at some dude who wandered onto the stage. He’s a keeper! Everyone else sang gems too: Stevie Nix, The Beastie Boys, Talking Heads, Let’s Get it On!

See, I’m terrible at singing. Just awful. So I made Lauren sing “Push It” with me. Since instead of singing it is mostly just saying “ooo, baby baby” over and over. But, y’know, I think we killed it:

coolin' by day and at night WERKIN' UP A SWEAT

coolin’ by day and at night WERKIN’ UP A SWEAT

It was a great night.

That whole weekend was great, actually. Since Emma was in town it was a non-stop wonder weekend. We walked all around Boston. Saw an incredible production of Our Town. Got to watch a screener of Les Mis (everything about it was good except for Russel Crowe…wah wah). So it’s kind of inevitable that I got sick on Monday after a weekend of little sleep. It was worth it though.

This week, too, has been relentless. But that’s okay. While I was sick I still managed to muscle through work (tours, kids, etc.), and when I was home I embraced my weakened state and just played video games. if you’re into that sort of thing please, please play The Walking Dead Game. It is incredible. I blew through it while I was sick and loved it. The writing is unbelievable. I felt so wrecked about some of the choices I had to make. Got so attached to the characters. Ugh, just wonderful.

So even though my life hasn’t had any running in it this past week it’s been damn full of other stuff. I miss it though. And I’m excited about the 5k tomorrow. Still deciding on my goal marathons for 2013. No matter what happens I’m 98% sure I’m going to run Chicago. Now I just have to decide if I want to run a spring marathon, too. I’m also fairly certain I want to run a 50 miler in 2013. Yup. So in between working 4 jobs, being in a play, training to be a yoga teacher I’m going to fit in two marathons and an ultra (at least).

Sounds like fun to me!


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2 Responses to My life is full of things, but they are mostly swell

  1. Brittany says:

    Good luck tomorrow, I think you will surprise yourself with how well you’ll do!

  2. trexrunner says:

    Maybe this speaks to the randomness of my personality and my affinity for blog posts about nothing, but this is one of my favorite ones you’ve written so far. OMG A SECOND GRADER WROTE COCK!

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