Jingle Bell Hell Race Recap!

Evidently wordpress thinks “publish” means “delete” because the past two times I’ve tried to post this gosh darned thing the content has been eradicated. Hey, in that way it certainly fits into the “hell” theme!

anyway, yesterday I ran the Jingle Bell 5k in Somerville as a part of XLMIC’s Jingle Bell Hell virtual (and real!) race!

I will freely admit that I still have no idea how to race a 5k. I’ve only run a few and most of them have been in strange conditions (with my dog, the day after a half, etc). I also, y’know, didn’t train at all for this one.

To be entirely honest I signed up while tipsy. I was checking my e-mail and got a message from this race director about the race and thought “YEAH! A Jingle Bell 5k?!? With a medal that opens beer?!? I’m IN!”

Friends, never drink and register fo races.

So I kind of forgot that I registered for this race until I saw XLMIC’s post about her Jingle Bell Hell race. Whoops. When I woke up yesterday for the race I had a “what was I thinking moment?!”. I hadn’t run for over a week, the back of my knee was surly with me, and damnit I was tired.

But I sucked it up and donned my red socks and green shirt. Ready to be holly jolly or whatever.

I got on the T with a bunch of other runners dressed as Santas and elves and candy canes and tried to come up with some sort of feeble game plan for this race. I decided on just trying to run faster than my most recent half marathon pace (7:14). Is that a lame goal? Probably, but I wanted a balance between going all out and giving up entirely so that’s what I ended up with.

This race was HUGE. Over 7,000 runners packed into tiny Davis Square to start the race. Here is where I should probably fess up to breaking a cardinal rule of running. I wore the race shirt. I know, I know, BUT I was going solo here and I had no place to put it but my body. And hell…the shirt was damn cute with it’s cool guy santa claus.


Before the race started we had a moment of silence for the tragedy in Newtown. Broke my heart. Tears were shed, but I was so grateful we took that time.

After that instead of a gun they shouted “Merry Christmas!” and we were off.

I took off. I have to admit I felt delighted as soon as we started! It felt so nice to just RUN! With no stupidly hard goal time in mind. No crazy distance to go. Just running. People were blasting Christmas tunes. The crowd support was great! It was COLD. And surprisingly hilly. The back of my knee also made its presence known, but it didn’t hurt. Just…reminded me “HEY, careful lady!!”.

I steadily got faster. My splits were 7:24, 6:59, 6:59. And my chip time wound up being 22:01. A 36 second PR. If I hadn’t started so slow I would have easily come under 22. Oops. Next time I suppose! Makes me wonder what I could do with some training/going all out! I think I could get sub 21?!

At the end I collected my coveted reward…


i’ll definitely run this race again next year. And next time I’m going all out with my costume!!!

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One Response to Jingle Bell Hell Race Recap!

  1. XLMIC says:

    totally killing two birds with one stone 😉

    Pretty awesome to PR while in Hell! Way to GO! and thanks for linking up 🙂

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