New Things, I’ll Try Them

This week has been all about getting back into the groove, or at least trying. I have spent very few waking hours at home this week and I MISS IT. Even now, I am at work. On a break. I did get to take the best nap ever today though! It was raining. And there’s nothing better than rainy day naps. And Maestro (for once in his goddamn furry little life) decided to be snuggly. And Joe was there, too. It was just what I needed to get through this very long day.


This week was my return to running (and all exercise, really). I can’t tell you how good my run on Tuesday felt. It wasn’t fast. Or effortless. But just to be running felt so, so right. I did six miles and felt like a new person. Afterwards I went to my work holiday party which was fantastic! I won a free stay at a fancy hotel in a raffle! And got a bonus for always being on time! THAT was a great feeling. After the party (believe it or not) I met my roommate at the gym to begin my adventures in strength training. I went to the gym fairly consistently for a few months last year around this time (groupon, baby), but once the deal was up I was too poor/lazy to continue my membership. But lo and behold! A year later, a similar deal became available and my god I took advantage of it.

For strength training I use that “Starting Strength” book that all those weight lifting crazies use. My friend suggested it and if somebody says “This is good, do this” I will. Especially if it’s as straight forward as this book. Tuesday I did squats and military press (just the bar people, I have puny noodle arms) because that’s all we had time for before the gym closed (oops). Regardless, I was still pretty sore the next day. Yup.

Much to my chagrin, there was no time for running on Wednesday. I won’t bore anyone with details. I did see an awesome play (Chinglish) between jobs. I also spent time inside of a mirror vortex:


Thursday. 8 miles. Today? Yoga. And that brings us to tonight. I’ve kind of been floating through my days just trying to make it to the next thing. Thankfully after this weekend I will get a brief, wonderful respite.


Let’s time travel. I have a bad habit of starting posts and not finishing them. Instead of ditching the past, let’s embrace it, shall we? And then groove into the future. It’s Saturday and today I did something I have never done before!

I ran trails (for real, not just for half a mile like I did that one time).

And I ran them with a bunch of strangers.

You see, I know nothing about the trails in the area. If I tried to run them solo I would probably disappear into the woods, never to return. So that was a major road block for awhile. This past week, though, I decided to do something about my desire to hit the trails. I went on the facebook page for TARC (Trail Animals Running Club) and asked if anybody might be interested in running this morning. I fessed up to being a lame-o trail newbie and said that I’d need to follow somebody.

Much to my surprise there was a HUGE response! And nine people showed up this morning, ready to run. Everybody was really friendly and made sure nobody got left behind. By the end we wound up splitting into two groups (by necessity) so nobody had to run alone. Awesome!

I had a blast! There was quite a bit of single track. We cruised across streams. Climbed over rocks. Leapt on and off of logs. I felt like a little kid…just running through the woods. I had some nice chats with my running buddies. Tripped a few times (of course) and tromped through mud.

By the end we did about six and a half miles. Gotta say…I’m already hooked. One thing I noticed is trail running is way more exhausting mentally! You can’t space out. You’ve always got to be paying attention otherwise you WILL fall right on your ass.


I want to learn how to navigate some trails so I don’t have to blindly follow people! But it was also nice to meet some new friends and run in a completely new way. OH! And I LOVE my Brooks!!! They were awfully good to me today.


Oh, and again, this was an iPhone post. So excuse everything that may be awful about it. One day I’ll have time to sit at a computer like a normal human being to blog. But not this week!!!

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