Game Plan.

I was about to start this post with “I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions…”, but I just looked at my (old) blog and I TOTALLY DID make resolutions last year. Oops. I’m a liar. Or I’m just forgetful. Either way, kudos to me, because I went 3 for 4 in 2012. Granted they weren’t THAT ambitious, but a win’s a win, right?

My resolutions were: run a marathon, fire a gun, keep my bamboo alive, and update my old blog (RIP) everyday.

Bamboo’s still kickin’. Fired three different types of guns (terrifying). Ran two marathons.

I can’t believe one of my resolutions was to just keep a houseplant alive. I must have been feeling pretty flippant about 2012! Strange, because it turned out to be a pretty awesome all and all. I’m feeling pretty ambitious about 2013. I have a lot of big goals that have been coming down the pike for a long time and now’s the time to shift gears and take some action! I’m all for goin’ with the flow and that crap, but I’m also ready to take care of things that are within my control.

That being said, here are my goals/resolutions/ambitions/dreams whatever the hell you want to call them for 2013.

Health is going to be a big focus for this year.


As far as running is concerned I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I want to qualify for Boston. I want to do it in Eugene. I want to train hard for it and up my weekly mileage significantly. I want to run a 50 miler. I want to join the marathon maniacs. I want to fit in at least 3 marathons this year. Hopefully more. I want to run Chicago. I want to run trails at least once a week. Just writing these out makes me giddy with excitement. I’m so ready for this year in running.

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m starting the year off by doing the Whole30 program. After that I want to continue to eat healthy. We’ll have to see what that means at the end of the Whole30, but I’m committed to creating healthy habits this year. To cook more. To treat my body better because it DOES A LOT FOR ME. I’ve treated my body like dirt for years and it’s time to change my ways, YO.

Learn new skills. Yoga Teacher Training will be a great step towards that goal. So will cooking more. I want to take a Japanese class again, too. TEACH ME WORLD.

Continue training with my dog. Work on his reactive behavior. Keep taking Agility. Just spend more time with him. I love that little guy.

Travel more. Running marathons in other places is a great way to do this. I’ve already got Eugene and Chicago on the docket! I also have still never been to Canada! It’s SO CLOSE. There’s no excuse!

Save money. I did a pretty good job of this last year. I want to keep it going.

Read more. I read a decent amount this year, but this is a reminder to make time for it. It’s important, and I love doing it! So there’s no reason not to.

Be understanding. This year was filled with impatience on my end. I got very easily frustrated in my dealings with people. I’m guessing it’s because so many of my jobs involve dealing with other human beings all of the time. I need to chill out. I am surrounded by great people, no reason to be surly.

Be a better actor. Hold on, I know how ridiculous that sounds. I don’t mean that in a “talent” way, I mean it in a “career” way. As terrible as I am at self promotion…them’s the breaks. I want to audition more (although I ended the year pretty strongly on that note) and I want to get my actor web page up and running.

Most of all? Just have a goddamn good time. I have a sweet life in a great city. I’m restless by nature and  routine makes me nervous, but I’m a grown ass woman now and I can make my own adventures.

Last night to ring in the new year Joe, Mike, and I went to the beach where we downed a whole bottle of champagne. We listened to the city celebrate. The dogs ran around joyfully. Everything was good and, by god, we were drunk.

the classiest crew in town

the classiest crew in town



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One Response to Game Plan.

  1. Patrick says:

    I knocked the bamboo plant into the sink yesterday and a bunch of the little drainage rocks are now stuck in the disposal. My wife is pissed.

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