Whole30 Days 1-3: I’m alive…so far.

It’s Day 3 of Whole30. So far so good, but let’s break it down. This will probably be dull as hell, but I promised myself I’d document this crap so I could track my progress.


Mike ponders our absurdly green food purchases.

Day 1

Day 1 was pretty damn easy. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s only one day! I was also fortunate enough to have an easy work day (only had to walk a few dogs) so I could adapt to all this cooking I now I have to do. Easy peasy. I went to yoga in the afternoon (felt great) and then took the pup to agility. The only time I was ravenous was on the drive home and that’s because I hadn’t eaten since before yoga! Don’t worry, I stuffed my face appropriately when I got home. Felt great most of the day. Fell asleep with ease!

Breakfast: Omelette with Peppers and Onions

Lunch: Collard Green Wraps w/Tuna and Avocado

Dinner: Stuffed Bellpeppers

Snacks throughout the day: Clementine, Pistachios, Strawberries

Beverages: Coffee (Black) and, duh, water. You can go ahead and assume this is the same everyday. I give you permission.

Day 2

Day 2 I was back teaching drama to the young ones. It was really nice to wake up early to cook for myself (never thought I’d say that shit!), but the act of just being awake and not having to go anywhere right away was refreshing. I’m used to rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth, and throwing on some clothes. Not today! Also went to the gym in the evening and before I got there I was both cranky and crampy. Fun! After 4 (easy) miles on the treadmill I felt better. Then lifted weights (squats, rows, bench press). After that the HUNGER set in. That was my night to cook and I made blackberry glazed pork chops which were goddamn delicious. Kudos to me! Was really hungry before bedtime. Tried to fight the urge, but then Joe came into the room with a bowl of cashews and it was all over. Cashews crushed.

Breakfast: Omelette w/ Pepper and Onions

Lunch: Tuna Guac Spinach Salad with Cucumbers

Dinner: Blackberry Pork chops and Broccoli

Snacks: Clementine, Pistachios, 2 hard boiled eggs, Cashews

Day 3

And that brings us to Day 3. Are you ready for an over share? Because HERE IT COMES! This morning was a horrible one for the bowels. I was almost late to work because I spent so much time in the bathroom. Hooray! Huzzah! I did, however, make it out alive so I could cook myself yet another omelette (this time apple cinnamon, yum) and head out the door. Crisis averted. I was pretty sleepy in general today (and monster children kept tackling me!), but nothing worse than usual. I went on a 6 mile (again, easy) run. It was kind of tough, but I loved it regardless. I think my legs are still recovering from this weekend.

Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Omelette

Lunch: Celery with Almond Butter, Banana

Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Roasted Cumin Carrots

Snacks: Raspberries, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Things I like so far?

– It forces me to cook! And to try new things! Even though I suck at cooking I can tell I’m already getting more comfortable with it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m getting better, but I am getting less terrified of the kitchen

– Waking up early enough to have time before work. Enjoying my cup of coffee. Takin’ it easy.

– Fruits have never tasted more delicious than they have in the past few days

– The nice thing about doing this with two people I live with is that we can switch off cooking dinners! Mike’s got weekends. I have Tuesdays/Thursdays. Joe has Mondays/Wednesdays. Friday night we’ve dubbed STEAK NIGHT and we’ll all just work together. FUN!

Troubles I’ve had?

Honestly, it’s only been three days. I’d be really upset if I was already struggling. There have been little things like seeing a sign for pizza and thinking “Maybe I’ll grab a slice after the gym!! …oh…wait..”. Always fleeting though! And my teaching buddy at work brought in a tupperware filled with delicious sweets for her birthday and I had to decline and eat celery instead (JOY!). Otherwise? Not too bad. Anytime I find myself missing a food I just don’t dwell on it because, in the end, it’s only 30 days! Hopefully I can keep that mentality…

On a quick running side note! January is going to be all about rebuilding my base for my Eugene training cycle (which I’ll start the first week of Feb). I plan on just running easy this week (Maybe 20 or so miles?) and then kickin’ it up a notch next week once I’m fully recovered from the Fatass. I was really hoping the Mizuno Wave Riders would be my new shoe, but alas, I guess I really am a kinvara girl at heart. I don’t dislike the Mizunos, but they just feel so…firm? Not very springy. I feel like I’m clunking along. So I went ahead and ordered a new pair of kinvaras. I’ll keep the Waves for recovery runs, but I don’t think they will be a racing shoe for me.

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One Response to Whole30 Days 1-3: I’m alive…so far.

  1. Patrick says:

    Luckily, it’s fairly hard to over-share on a endurance sports blog, we all deal with the same shit (get it?). That problem will clear itself up in a few days, it’s just the micro-organisms in your stomach that usually feed on the stuff you are no longer eating getting well pissed.

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