A Trip to Harmontown

It’s Critter Day at The Children’s Museum today so I get to see adorable little screech owls and peregrine falcons and red tailed hawks! I did not know that peregrine falcons lived in the customs house or the prudential center, but they dooooo! Be my friend, falcons!

This guy was awesome.

This guy was awesome.

The day started off on the wrong foot because I FORGOT that it was critter day (which meant getting to work thirty minutes earlier than usual). I really, really hate being late. Fortunately nobody seemed to notice or care that I showed up right before the bird program began. Phew. My job today was supposed to be helping out with lights, but they pretty much figured that out on their own. Now I’m just learning about some birds and waiting to perform this afternoon.

This has been a pretty mellow week, overall, but the highlight for me was going to see Harmontown on Thursday! For the unfamiliar, Dan Harmon is the creator of a show called Community. NBC fired him (You can read the details in Dan’s blog here). Anyway, that’s not really important. The important thing is that he has a podcast with Jeff Davis (former Whose Line cast member) called Harmontown and it is utterly delightful. It’s kind of the Seinfield of podcasts? That’s not entirely accurate, but it really is about nothing. It’s just two sharp, funny, neurotic guys shooting the shit and chatting with their audiences. Often they rap about dicks and fucking people’s Moms. They will improvise short scenes. They have an ongoing D&D game (whiched is DMed by an awesome guy named Spencer who started out as an audience member and ended up become an integrel part of their crew!). It’s just a great time overall.

confident the woman who made this sign had no clue what Harmontown was

confident the woman who made this sign had no clue what Harmontown was

Lucky for me and Joe Harmontown decided to go on tour and we got to see a recording of their podcast on Thursday. It was SO GOOD. You can actually download the show we went to on iTunes now for free! The magic of the show is that you really feel like a part of this close knit, goofy community. They had us clapping along to a song about chicken noodle soup can penises and singing “pee is yellow, poo is brown…”. We got to witness some amazing awkward/hysterical moments. Sometimes you just need to hear some poop jokes and rants about capitalism. Ha!

So. Running. That’s actually been going really well this week! Let’s b-b-b-break it down.

4 miles on Tuesday: This was kind of a speed workout? It was on the treadmill and I kind of made it up. I just increased the pace every half mile. I ended up doing 4 miles in around 30 minutes. Felt great! I also got a new pair of kinvaras which might have something to do with it. I LOVE those shoes. My feet just feel happy and fast in them.

6 miles on Wednesday: also on the treadmill. Around 8:20 pace? Wasn’t all that easy, but it was fine!

4 miles on Thursday: Recovery run. Outside!! Felt lovely.

6 Miles today: I had so much fun on this run! It was HARD. The first three miles were pretty fast. Turns out it was because the wind was at my back. The three miles back were slower and harder, but I don’t care because I pushed!

Tomorrow I’ve got an 11 miler on the docket.

So this morning I would have told you I reached a plateau with Whole30. I was kind of groggy and surly. Didn’t feel like doing anything. Kind of wondering what the point is if I still felt kind of “meh”.

After work I went for my run and that REALLY shifted things for me. I felt great afterwards! Had a Cobb Salad for dinner and afterwards did a short yoga flow I just sort of made up (sun salutations, lunges, etc.). Now I feel fucking awesome. I didn’t have a lot of vegetables for breakfast (just an apple cinnamon omelette and bacon) and I’m guessing that had something to do with it. Whoops. Whole30ed wrong.

obstacle number 1 in home yoga practice

obstacle number 1 in home yoga practice

Tomorrow will be the halfway point of Whole30! I gotta say, I’m really proud of us for sticking with it so far. Go team!

typical mornings at my house

typical mornings at my house


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