Random Sunday Roundup – Yeehaw!

Oh, internet. It’s been quite the week. A solid week of running! And probably some of the most mentally taxing runs I’ve ever had. Only because I had to convince my ass to get out of bed and into the cold. But I did it! I didn’t wimp out once and that’s a huge victory for me. Like I said, it’s easy for me to say “wahhh It’s cold!” or “Blergh, I’m lazy!”. Now that I have a very specific goal in mind it’s much easier for me to suck it up.

Now here are my random thoughts for the week:

1. Weird ailments – I’ve had a series of bizarre skin issues. First off I got a heat rash! Yeah! Isn’t that something children get?! Little red dots ALL OVER MY BODY. I diagnosed myself (because the internet turns everybody into a doctor) and figured out it was probably from the humidity in my gym. Gross. Thankfully it went away on its own after a couple of days. After that little incident I blissfully blundered through life enjoying my rash-free flesh. Oh, but those times were short lived, because then I discovered a mysterious lump on the back of my neck. Mmm, scrumptious. My first thought was “Well, it’s gotta be cancer” (I NEVER overreact to anything. Ever), but after 24 hours of just assuming there was nothing I could do I confessed to Joe that I was worried about the weird fucking bump on my neck. He investigated (he is also a doctor via the internet) and helped me realize I probably don’t have cancer. Just a gross boil. Thankfully Joe has his own host of skin issues and had just the stuff  (benzoyl peroxide) to slather on this sucker. I think it’s getting better, but that bastard was hurting for a bit there! Thank god we have so many fake doctors in this house. The best part about all of this was when I googled “What the hell do I do about my boil?” the main suggestions were eating healthy (quit smoking, stop drinking) and exercise. What a lovely little dose of irony, internet. Thanks for THAT.

I will say that I have YET to get sick while on this diet. Now that I’ve put that out into the universe I’m certain there is some sort of monster bacteria lurking inside of me waiting to strike as soon as I finish this sentence. Them’s the breaks. Anyway. It’s a goddamn miracle considering I’m surrounded by children all of the time who stick their fingers in their mouths then high five me. Yay!!!

2. The “Other” Perfect Shoe Quest – Yes, yes I love my kinvaras blah blah blah. But seriously, I do. I don’t, however, want to only have one pair of shoe that I run in consistently. I ain’t no pro or anything, but I’ve heard it’s important to rotate out the shoes you run in. I tried to do that, guys! I DID, but the wave riders did NOT agree with me so I sent them back. So the quest for my “other” perfect shoe continues. At first I contemplated the Brooks PureConnect 2, but I don’t want to get a shoe that’s TOO similar to the kinvaras (wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?) so I went with the Brooks PureFlows 2. They should get here by Thursday and I really, really hope I love them. I already run in the PureGrits for Trail running (and I like them a lot!) so my fingers are crossed. C’mon Brooks!!!

my kinvara collection. is this sad?

my kinvara collection. is this sad?

3. Trails – I hit the trails for the first time in a couple of weeks yesterday! I joined up with my friends at TARC and it was so nice to see them. We had a big group out there!  Despite the temperature it was gorgeous out. It had snowed the night before so the trails were dusted with soft, powdery snow. The run flew by and I really wish I could have stayed for another loop, but alas, I had to perform for the children.

"pretend like we all smell REALLY GOOD!"

“pretend like we all smell REALLY GOOD!”

4. “Paleo” fueling – So I’ve been messing around with fueling (and, well, not fueling) the past few weeks. Today on my 12 miler I did not bring any fuel, just water. Surprisingly, I felt great! Granted twelve miles isn’t the LONGEST run in the world, but in the past I’d been getting into the habit of bringing fuel for anything over 10 miles. Even if it was just Gatorade or one GU. Before the run I had steak and eggs (with avocado and tomato) for breakfast. For lunch I had two hard boiled eggs and a banana. Right before the run I had some leftover roasted sweet potato mush. It was perfect! Last week on my long run I brought a banana that I ate halfway through. That worked, too. So what have I learned? Well, I didn’t die without a GU, and maybe I can become less reliant on that type of fuel? I’ll have to experiment once Whole30 is over to figure out how I’ll fuel for the future. Do I want to have some carbs? Make my own gels? Fuel with fruits instead? I’m not sure. I kinda like experimenting and seeing what works for me so we’ll see what happens.

5. Books – My roommate and our friend from college had a new years resolution to read 5 books a month in 2013. I admired their ambition, but thought to myself “Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!”. Oh wait, it turns out I DID. My more modest January goal was to read all of the books that my other roommate had loaned me. Well, now I’m on book five and it’s only Jan 27th. Should I try and keep up with these reading maniacs? Who also have audiobooks at their disposal? Well, I guess I do, too, but I’m not GREAT at listening. I’ve had ambitions of listening to books while running, but it never works out. I like running to be thinking time. Or zoning out time. Or focusing on the run itself time. Sometimes I can listen to a podcast, but books don’t do it for me on the go. Anyway, here are the books I’ve got so far for 2013:

  1. It Starts With Food (Read before I started the Whole30, great resource! Kinda preachy, but they mean well).
  2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem
  3. The Quiet American
  4. Drown
  5. Bossypants  (I’m in the middle of it!)

So we’ll see how this goes. I might try and keep up as a way to motivate myself to keep reading, but I also might give up in three seconds.

our messy (but awesome) book shelves

our messy (but awesome) book shelves

So there you have it. I’ve only got nine days left until Whole30 is over. Two weeks until Yoga Teacher Training. One week before my official Eugene training cycle begins. Bring it on, life. But, please for the love of god, no more boils or skin rashes.

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