Blizzards, Running, and SCIENCE!

Lots to catch up on! I officially started training for Eugene last week. This, so far, has been an awfully tough start mentally. Not because of the running itself, but because the weather has been a constant battle! It’s damn hard to get out the door when you see three feet of snow outside your window, but I’m happy to say that I haven’t let the weather stop me from getting my training in! And (I hope) it’s toughening me up mentally. It’s also taking me slightly longer to get into my groove, but once I’m a couple miles in I’m good to go! And some of the snowy runs have been quite lovely so I can’t complain too much. I just have to think of it as surprise trail running.


see? New England is harsh, but damn pretty.

I also haven’t been fueling at all during my runs. I’m going to try and hold off on fueling until my long run is 18+ and see how that works for me. I ran 15 miles this morning with my water and nothing else. Worked out well! I also feel like I’m recovering way more quickly from my workouts (phew!). The first few weeks after the Fatass race I took awhile to recovery (soreness and that sort of thing), but that’s gone away! Good news all around.

Like everybody else in New England I endured the onslaught of Nemo. But you know what? It. Was. Awesome. I got TWO WHOLE DAYS off from both of my jobs and I was giddy like a kid about it. We did a whole lot of delicious nothing. Finished watching Battlestar (Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six), drank for the first time in over a month, played RISK, made snow angels, played in the snow, ate everything in the world that’s tasty (sweet potato pancakes, pesto shrimp, cookies, bacon, squash soup!!), and just relaxed. It was so nice to spend time with Joe and my roommates. It was a glorious, unexpected break from the world. I think those need to happen more, honestly! And it didn’t really get in the way of my training! After the storm ended on Saturday I went on a nice easy 5 miler to explore my now snow covered part of town and Sunday I tromped 11 miles in the snow.


trail blazin’

Another crazy thing happened in the midst of all this: I got a bizarre e-mail from the studio I was supposed to do my teacher training with. It said the teacher who was supposed to lead our training was no longer with the studio and was being replaced.

I was confused and kind of upset (I was also blizzard tipsy at the time…). The training was supposed to start in two days! And they tell me this now?! I wanted to do this training because I got a really positive vibe from the teacher! Now I didn’t know anybody involved which freaked me out (especially if I was going to invest in this).

Anyway, to make a long story short, the teacher who originally was leading the training e-mailed us. She gave us the option to join her at another studio (which happens to be the studio I already work at!) and she was leading it with another teacher I already LOVE! The training now starts on Friday (it was supposed to be Monday) and since I already work at the studio I was able to volunteer to help clean up after the training each day which means I’ll get a discount! So basically, what was initially terrifying ended up working out for the best! I get to do my training at my studio, save money, and learn from teachers I adore. Oh! And there are way fewer students (about 12) which means a more personal training. Win-win-win! I feel so damn grateful about all of this. I have no idea what lead to this, but I am thankful the first studio graciously gave me a refund and let me follow the instructor I wanted.

So, yay! I DID have to shuffle my life around and get shifts for various jobs covered, but it all worked out. Sometimes things really do just fall into place!

Last random thing: For the past two years I’ve been participating in an HIV Vaccine study. On the whole it’s been an incredibly rewarding and fascinating journey. Last week I went in for my unblinding (to see if I got the actual vaccine), and it turns out I did! Now if Carl Sagan has taught me anything at all it’s that science should be enjoyed/appreciated by everybody and that’s just what this study did for me. I am never going to be a doctor or scientist so I’m never going to help develop a vaccine like this, but I CAN help out just by volunteering for this study. How cool is that?!

And the doctors and nurses working on this study are incredible. I felt like they were my friends by the end of the study! One of the nurses (who hadn’t seen me for over a year) remembered me and specifically asked what plays I was working on and how my running waa going. The fact that she really listened to me during our visits was so heart warming. And it was a two way street! Because I remembered her pilot husband and her love of belgian beer. It’s very rare to meet someone as kind and as warm as she was. I hope she knows how happy her conversations made me!

Anywho, the paper on the study is going to be published soon! I probably won’t understand 97% of it, but it will still be nifty to read!

Eugene is about 10 weeks away. Yoga training is two days away. And I start rehearsals in a few weeks. 2013 is pretty groovy so far!


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