The Highs & Lows of Marathon Training!

This WEEK. This week.

Highs! Lows! All of it!

Without getting into too much detail my  drama teaching was pretty depressing this week. It wasn’t even stressful. Just sad to hear some of the things the kids go through. Perspective.

But let’s focus on running because that, too, has been all over the place. The good news is that I ran 47.5 miles this week! Which is the highest weekly mileage I’ve ever had! I know it probably doesn’t seem like much to intense marathoners, but for me that’s a big deal. Cool stuff.

However, I also had one of the worst runs of my life this week. AWESOME. On Wednesday I was supposed to run 19 miles. You know what else happened on Wednesday? Cold, horrible, relentless rain. For some reason this didn’t deter me at first. “HA!” I thought “I laugh at you, rain! You can’t stop me! I’ve run in subzero temps! I’ve run in snowstorms!”. WHAT A FOOL I WAS.

Two minutes into my run and I was drenched. I ignored it and I headed towards my normal route by the water. Um. The wind ALMOST carried me into the sea never to be heard from again.  I re-evaluated. Running by the water during an intense storm: probably not smart. So I decided to run into the city in hopes that the tall buildings would protect me from the wind and mayyybbeee shield me from the rain? A little bit?

Yeah. It wasn’t much better. I slogged through 8 miles of pure misery. Something shifted after mile 8, though, I thought “Hey, this is horrible, but I’ve already run 8 miles in this stupid weather what’s 11 more?”. I made it to Mile 12 and noticed there was something in my shoe. I pulled over under an awning to check it out. This act was almost impossible because I was shivering violently which made taking off my soaked gloves an exercise in insanity. I finally managed to figure it out, but once I was ready to go again I realized my teeth were chattering and my shivering had only gotten worse.

I saw a cab.

I sighed and waved it down.

It just wasn’t worth finishing. It wasn’t worth getting sick. Or injuring myself. Or just hating every moment of it. At first I was SO DRAMATIC ABOUT IT. OH NO. I HAVE NEVER QUIT A RUN BEFORE! WOE IS ME! Thankfully Coach K was amazing about it and put things into perspective for me (there’s that word again). Bad runs happen. I was kind of crazy for thinking I could tough out 19 miles in that insane weather. The funniest part? I saw NO OTHER RUNNERS out. That never happens! Even in the worst weather I usually see another runner!

At least I tried, and I still got 12.5 miles in. So there’s that!

The day after I ran an easy four miles, and on Friday I had my first EVER mile repeat workout at the track! I’ve done 400s and 800s before, but never mile repeats. So I was kind of terrified, and the fact that I had such a demoralizing run on Wednesday didn’t help me mentally.

I was supposed to run seven minute miles down to 6:55 and my warm up miles felt kind of stiff. Not a good sign.

Once I arrived at the track, though, I put it all out of my head and just ran.

First mile? 6:48. Oops. Too fast, but it felt good! My remaining repeats: 6:44, 6:30, 6:27. And it felt great! I think I could have done another one without too much trouble! I have no idea where that came from, but I REALLY needed a strong workout to get back into my groove.

And today was my “re-scheduled” long run after the disaster of Wednesday. I was supposed to run 17-19 miles (I did 17). Honestly? This was a really “meh” run. I never really got into it. It wasn’t torture or anything, but usually my long runs feel a lot better. I think it just felt like an “unfinished” run because it was to make up for a failed run. Does that make sense? After I was done I felt much better and grateful that I did it, but still. Odd. I’m ready to leave this training week behind and start fresh tomorrow. I think this week was important for me mentally. To learn that things don’t always go accord to plan. Rough runs happen. Stick with it. Yeah?

Even though this training week was all over the place it’s still making me realize how much I love having workouts to look forward to. I like tackling a tough workout! I love kicking it’s butt when I do! I’m going to be honest, I’m really terrified of my goals for Eugene, but I’m putting the work in. And that’s all I can do!

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