Monkey Brain.

The past few weeks have been a little funky. I had a minor injury a few weeks ago. My left foot was tweaky and running made it worse. So I took 5 days (yikes) off from running. I iced it. Compressed it. And it went away, thank goodness. BUT this was right before my half marathon. I managed to get in a 20 miler and some 400s in before the half, but it was rough!

The half wound up being kind of a disaster. I came in at 1:47:45. My heart just wasn’t in it. “Race” Chelsea didn’t show up and I just slogged through it miserably. It was a combination of things. Cramps (of the lovely menstrual variety). Stupidly big hills for the first 5 miles. Low self esteem from taking so much time off of running Yada yada. Usually I have so much fun racing! But like I said: mentally I wasn’t into it. Instead of obsessing over a poor race day I’ve tried to take it as a learning experience. Not every race is a PR! And some days it’s just hard! No use beating myself up over it. Nobody cares if I PR. This is just for me after all!

I let the rough race motivate me to train HARD this week, but also to have fun with it. And it worked! I had a really, really solid week of training which has pulled me out of my funk and gotten me excited about Eugene again! I did 4×2 mile repeats on Thursday with paces of 6:57, 6:52, 6:56, 6:54. That’s the longest I’ve ever held a sub 7 pace! Sure, I wanted to puke at times, but I felt amazing afterwards! And yesterday I ran for 3 hrs 15 mins (22.8 miles). Those two solid workouts have gotten me back into a motivated, excited place which is exactly where I want to be 4 weeks out from Eugene!

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  1. My favorite advice from a coach “Running is not your job. No one is paying you to run. This is a hobby. This is fun. If you want to run fast run fast. Just relax and run.”

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