On Not Running

I have barely run since Eugene.

At first it was on purpose. I wanted to take the entire week off after the race to thank my legs for the butt kickin’ they did. Then all of a sudden May had disappeared and I had run a whooping six miles.

What happened? Tech week! My show. The busiest time of year at my job. Teacher Training. I just couldn’t fit it in even if I wanted to, and you know what? That’s okay. I don’t live a life of regular schedules and routines. I live a life of constantly shifting obligations, strange hours, and odd jobs. Sometimes certain things (making money! spending my rare free time with friends!) take precedent.

The great news is, just because something (running!) takes the backseat for awhile doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. In fact my hiatus has made me long for running regularly again. Starting next week I’m going to jump back in and build up my base. I can’t wait!

My show closed and I graduate from teacher training this week. I’m ready to shift out of CHAOS MODE and into taking control mode. Groovy. No race plans yet, but I’ll get there!

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