Winter Realness

This post title is inspired by all of the RuPaul’s Drag Race I’ve been watching. They just put the word “realness” after any combination of words and I feel that. Sometimes you’ve just got to serve some kind of realness, and the type of realness is up to you. It can be showgirl realness, ice queen realness, surreal realness. Your realness, your choice. SERVE IT UP!

Right now mother nature is serving up some winter realness. Evidently this is the most snow we’ve ever gotten in this amount of time. That seems about right. I’ve lived in Boston for almost a decade now and I’ve never experienced anything like this. This is our seventh snow day in three weeks. That is one week of snow for every two weeks of living a normal life.

yes, Sharon, we are.

Look, at first it was awesome. Snowstorm number one led to one of the most enjoyable snow days of my life. Joe and I cooked massive amounts of food, played video games, attempted to build a blanket fort (it’s hard, y’all), and helped make an absolutely absurd iphone movie about THE BLIZZARD WIZARD. It had 39 contributors. If weird videos are your thing check out what a bunch of deranged people do during a snow day here.

Honestly, I’m not even upset about all of this snow. The absurdity of it is pretty goddamn hilarious. I’m also a spoiled brat who doesn’t have to dig out our car because our landlords KINDLY let us park it inside for the storms even though we don’t have a space in our building. Please don’t tell anybody I know that. They’d end me. I am a little stressed about money because as a mercenary independent contractor I’ve had many, many well paying gigs cancelled over the past three weeks. Thankfully some of them still pay half for cancellations and one of my jobs has offered to pay me now if I make up the hours later. So life goes on. I will not starve to death in the cruel, unending winter.

Where does that leave my running? Well! I’ve been living and dying by the treadmill in my building. I’ve gotten all of my runs in and, honestly, it has helped me with the general restlessness one feels when trapped inside for hours at a time. I’m still in the base building phase of my training. I ran 21 miles last week and it felt wonderful. Doesn’t sound like much, sure, but it feels great to be getting back into some semblance of a routine. I’ve been catching up on podcasts (Harmontown, Invisibilia) and watching HGTV while I’m down there (I don’t have cable so this is precious mindless TV time).

Also having all of this free time has meant I’m on top of my wedding planning GAME. I’m sure I’m forgetting something HUGE, but it feels like we’ve got all of the big things done! Watching our RSVPs roll in has been so delightful. My dear friend/bride squad member designed our Legend of Zelda themed invites and the response to them has been overwhelming positive. Even my Grandma loves them. Her ringing endorsement: Your invites are beautiful, and so different! Thanks Grandma! I think now that we can imagine what the wedding is going to be like we’re both much happier. I had a few “WHY ARE WE DOING THIS” moments, but now I’m getting excited! I thought I was going to be terrible at wedding planning, but I think that was because I was thinking of a classic type of wedding (which, uh, we’re not having). I’d be terrible at planning that! But it turns out planning a fun party can be pretty goddamn enjoyable.

Getting to the wedding means we got through winter. So cheers to that! and to running. It’s keeping me sane!

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