Favorite Blogs

These are blogs that I just sincerely enjoy reading!

runbiscuitrun – One of my running partners in crime, Katie! She’s great. and funny to boot!

The T-Rex Runner – This girl is hilarious and she’s run so many fun  marathons! Reading her race reports on The Hatfield/McCoy and Little Rock Marathons make me really, really want to run them!

The Run Factory – Really lovely writing style and he writes about ultramarathons. Which is something I am both intrigued and baffled by. He definitely makes it appealing!

RoseRunner – One of the most honest running bloggers out there. I love that her honesty stirs the pot (people are so damn sensitive!). Also she’s just plain funny.

I Drank For Miles – This blog combines two of my favorite things. Drinking and running, but seriously. Every one of his posts crack me up! Yeah, I like funny blogs, SUE ME.

Runner’s Rambles – I love this blog. It’s one of the first running blogs I stumbled upon and her love of running is infectious. Makes me really want to try trail running!


3 Responses to Favorite Blogs

  1. trexrunner says:

    Ummm I feel like an asshole because 1) I didn’t know you had a blog, otherwise I would have been reading it 2) I didn’t know you’re REALLY REALLY REALLY fast. Holy crap! Let’s make a deal. You teach me how to run fast, I will teach you all the best marathons in the country to run. Deal? Deal.

    • Hahaha!! Oh gosh this cracked me up. And yes! Deal! Once I’m a maniac I’m going to need all the help I can get choosing races!! I’m already planning on Hatfield/McCoy next year because you made it sound so incredible! Also, if I teach you to run fast you have to promise that one of these days we’ll have to run a t-rex together at the end of a race!!

      • trexrunner says:

        Oh we will totally T-Rex together…but you might have to come back and collect me from the course after you have already finished, like Anders has done a few times. Hope that’s cool. I’m SO glad you are doing Hatfield-McCoy! Such a great race. One of these days I need to get around to ranking my favorites, but I’m too attached to a lot of them and I can’t.

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