I think these are all of the races I’ve ever run (at first I wrote “won”, wow..freudian slip, much?). I can’t be sure, though. I have a terrible memory. I know I ran some weird 5ks in 2011. One of them I was late to and couldn’t figure out the course. Maybe we ran the entire 5k, maybe we didn’t. Life is a mystery. Coming up with this list I realize I’ve never actually run in a 10k! I should change that! ANYWAY.


Warrior Dash – 56:04

Apple Harvest Ramble 10 Mile – 1:37:24 (First time ever running 10 Miles!)

Cape Cod Half Marathon – 2:02:18

Super Hero 5k – 29:41 (I ran this the day after my first half, yeehaw!)

Doggy 5k – 26:55


Super Sunday 5 Miler – 39:40

Quincy Half Marathon – 2:01:18

Blues 5k – 22:37

Squantum 5 Miler – 35:11 (PR)

Shoreline Half Marathon – 1:46:42

Wicked Half Marathon – 1:34:52 (PR)

Santa Barbara International Marathon – 3:41:03

Spartan Race Fenway Park – 53:23 (Technically a PR? HA)

Baton Rouge Beach Marathon – 3:36:20

Jingle Bell 5k – 22:01 (PR)


Fatass Trail Marathon – 5:28 (PW or…Trail PR!)

Oleksak Lumber Half Marathon – 1:47:45

Eugene Marathon – 3:33:05 (PR)


Marathon Prep Half – 1:37:30

Boston Marathon – 3:47:03

Chicago Marathon – 4:00:54


Franklin Park Turkey Trot – 28:04


Marathon Prep Half – 2:05:34

Vermont City Marathon – 4:30:13


Walt Disney World Marathon


2 Responses to Races

  1. Dan says:

    Looks like 2012 was an epic year of PRs for you as well! I looked at your upcoming races page but it looks a little threadbare. Have you committed to some races for 2013 yet?

  2. Chelsea says:

    I am in the middle of registering for the Eugene Marathon right now, and I’m 99% sure I’ll register for Chicago (I’ve never been and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the race). After that, I’m not sure! My main goals for 2013 are to BQ and race in places I’ve never been before!

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